Rastafarian Jah

Rastafarian Jah
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The message of Rastafari Peace and unity - the message of the Rastafari. Rastafari is a... mehr
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The message of Rastafari

Peace and unity - the message of the Rastafari. Rastafari is a relatively modern faith which has emerged from Jamaica in the 1930s. Reporters have underlined that the need to reclaim and rediscover African roots play a vital role in the religion - Rastafari's growth. In addition to this, three great men namely Marcus Garvey, Leonard Howell and Bob Marley - have contributd enormously in spreading the faith of Rastafari. Ahead of all, the Rastafarians believe that black people are reincarnated ancient Israelites. Indeed, like Hinduism and Buddhism, the Rastafari faith believe in reincarnation and karma. Moreover, there are also similarities between the Rastafari and the Jews and Muslims. For instance, like the Jews and Muslims, the Rastafarians do not have the right to consume pork; they do not have the right to wear tattoos and the woman do not have the right to make any badness on ther head...

Zielgruppe: Klischee-Rasta, Rastafari
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