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Worx of Africa

The aim of Worx of Africa is to provide the widest range of High Quality, Contemporary African Gift-ware available in South Africa. Nowhere else will you find one production house making items as diverse as Monkey Balls – Candles – Brass and Copper Jewellery – Pewter Tableware – Firewoods and with 20 years of experience in the industry we are priced to sell and geared to offer prompt deliveries and good service.

All products are dispatched from their factory in White River – near the Kruger Park in South Africa. Worx of Africa are an equal opportunity employer, and adhere to Fair trade Principles.

Worx of Africa employs 70 people in 3 factories. Gathering of Monkey Balls is done by unemployed people in rural areas, and provides a valuable source of income to families who would otherwise have little or none. The harvesting of the balls also protects the trees from being cut for firewood.

The Hot Metal products are made with the Pewter-casting machines and hand wrought brass and copper.
The items take time to make and thus also provide much needed jobs. Unique and designed with flair – these items are African in inspiration, origin and manufacture.

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Kerzenständer "Monkey Balls Vertical" Kerzenständer "Monkey Balls Vertical"
Kerzenhalter im Afrikadesign in Erdfarben. Bestehend aus drei Monkey Oranges mit eingebrannten Mustern und/oder handbemalt. Dieser handgearbeitete Kerzenständer wird aus drei grossen Monkey Oranges (auch "Monkey Apples" genannt)...
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