Speak Swahili Dammit

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This popular and well-reviewed book has now been revised with the assistance of several... mehr
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Buch in Englisch.

This popular and well-reviewed book has now been revised with the assistance of several enthusiastic readers, former and current expatriates and Kenyan and Tanzanian friends.The captivating story recounts the humour and tragedy of the author's life as a young boy growing up in what was then colonial Tanganyika and Kenya, and the newly independent countries which emerged. It is a must-read for anyone interested in Africa before and after the Winds of Change swept across the continent to alter the lives of so many lucky enough to experience those times. Like many who were born and lived in Africa, the author's life was not the easy one people think colonial expatriates enjoyed, and he relates so vividly his own tragic experiences with hardship, danger and death. Many perils abounded from wild animals, venomous snakes and deadly tropical illnesses. Notwithstanding the ever-present black shadow of death and danger, was the natural instinct of kids to have fun, and the escapades and pleasure the author and his contemporaries created for themselves is related by Penhaligon with rib-aching humour.

James Penhaligon is a medical doctor and consultant psychiatrist in the United Kingdom. Born to Cornish parents, and raised deep in the bush in Tanganyika, later to emerge as Tanzania, he remains a fluent Swahili speaker, and has never been able to escape his early influences, or the gaze it gave him on life. Despite having left Africa, and carving himself a successful career, James has always had a fascinating East African story waiting to be told, and now he has written it. James lives with his wife and a rebellious Boxer dog in a house overlooking the sea in Falmouth, Cornwall. They often travel to East Africa.


  • 'An extraordinary, hilarious and heartbreaking book. Shockingly honest, outrageously funny, and yet so true! This is the most valued book I have ever read, and the finest account of friendship, passion and love for the people of East Africa.' Rudiger Vogs, former ABC Correspondent, Kenya (now in Germany).
  • 'You won't have read one like this. Remarkable experiences shine throughout. Penhaligon's direct, muscular prose moves the tale along briskly, and there's plenty of comedy. As expansive as the continent that begat it, this is a life's tale like no other.' Simon Steele, Asst. Editor, LEAMINGTON COURIER, Warwickshire, UK.
  • 'A lovely book with wonderful descriptions. Intriguing...much between the lines, enough depth for a book-reading circle to fill a season. Thoroughly enjoyed.' John Catton, Editor, RHINO-LINK, journal of King's African Rifles & East African Forces Association - UK.
  • 'Sheer magic of life in the bush shines through...in brilliant writing...A must-read for lovers of East Africa!' Tony Weaver, Asst. Editor, CAPE TIMES, South Africa.
  • 'Couldn't put it down. Spread the joy! A gem like this is rare, and should be widely read...' Virginia Jones, USA Author of STRONG WOMEN.
  • 'What a compelling window into a unique part of the Tanzanian experience...a different world, illuminated from a fascinating perspective.' Martin Benjamin, Exec Director, KAMUSI PROJECT INTERNATIONAL, The Living Internet Swahili Dictionary, Switzerland.
  • 'I laughed out loud...I wept so hard, everyone got worried. Wonderful, colourful, entertaining, and very enlightening. You should read it too!' Juliet Maruru, Director, PRINCESS TRUST, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • 'Exhilarating, a marvel, a story worth retelling, a thriller, a drama, a love-soap, a comedy, an adventure, all these...you'll itch to share the fun...A roller-coaster of emotions...takes you from anger to fear, panic to laughter, then anxiety builds again... Suddenly your eyes are wet with tears...I never wanted it to end...' Beda Biswalo, Editor, THE CITIZEN, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.
  • 'A unique view on life, death, sadness and humour... A captivating, enlightening and enjoyable read.' Claire Sabey, Book Reviewer, CORNWALL TODAY, Cornwall, UK.
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Author: James Penhaligon
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